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November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open betting is a very unique sports betting opportunity and more times than not the US Open golf betting turns out to be the most difficult event of the entire year.

US Open betting is not for the faint of heart. In fact, the US Open golf betting seems to be the one event on the PGA Tour when event organizers are given the green light to event a golf course Frankenstein designed, which each US Open betting experience hoping to be more difficult that the previous. This year, the host course for the US Open betting (Torrey Pines) should play a bit easier than some recent US Open betting host courses, but for fans expecting the US Golf betting to produce low scores in 2008 you can forget it.

Whereas the British Open and the Masters are also very difficult they simply do not have the same sort of deviant planning behind them that goes into the US Open betting. The British Open can be very difficult, but unlike the US Open betting the difficult of most British Opens has to do with the weather, rather deviant course planning, the factor that makes US Open betting so challenging. If the wind lies down and the sun is out, there are many of the short British links courses that play relatively easy compared the US Open golf betting monsters.

Similarly, the Masters can be a very tough tournament, but much of its difficulty has to do with the weather whereas the US Open betting courses are meant to difficult regardless of weather conditions. Take for example Trevor Immelman’s recent win at the Masters where he played much of the event in double digit red, something that US Open betting fans are almost assuredly not going to see.

After last year’s complaints that the US Open betting course conditions were too difficult at the Oakmont Country Club, there is a good chance that we will see perhaps an easier set up in this year’s US Open betting. But considering that the US Open betting winner last year posted a score of five over, ‘easier’ is a very relative word indeed when discussing US Open betting.

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