Understanding Golf Odds at SBG Global

Golf odds are pretty easy to understand. There are two basic options that you will see in terms of golf betting odds.

Golf odds will almost always have the popular golfers like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as heavy favorites. It may not matter whether they are playing well or not. They are popular with the public and that means they will have lower golf odds.

This can be good news if an upset occurs in a golf tournament since the golf odds on other golfers will be higher. If Tiger wins a tournament then you can expect the golf odds payoff to be low. Many public bettors that look at golf odds will bet on Tiger regardless of the low golf betting odds

The same thing can happen with other popular golfers like Phil Mickelson. Gamblers that are looking for value on the golf odds board will rarely find any if they are betting on Woods or Mickelson. Conversely, gamblers will get great value on the golf odds board betting against these two players. With Woods dominating golf it can make it difficult to find value when Woods is in a tournament.

As you look at golf odds there are a number of things to consider. You always want to consider past form of players at golf courses. You also want to remember that current form is very important. Golfers playing well are usually good bets on the golf betting odds board. Other factors to keep in mind are statistics that include driving distance, putting, scoring average, etc. Golf stats are available at a number of web sites including the PGA Tour websites. These stats will include a wide variety of things and be very specific in regards to certain numbers. These stats are important to consider, especially since there are so many different courses, layouts, and factors to consider for each tournament. Those tournaments also include events outside of the United States although most golf tournaments on the PGA Tour are played in the U.S.

Take a look at the different golf betting odds available at online sportsbooks today and enjoy the long PGA Tour season.