Tiger’s Golf Bet tournament at SBG Global

Tiger Woods is the best known figure in the golf bet community, if not the whole world.

So it’s not all that surprising that he has his own golf betting game that he hosts every year. Usually the honor is reserved for retired players, but does to Woods great status in the golf bet world it only seems that natural that he be granted the right to host the AT&T National golf bet competition.

When the idea was first floated there was some initial opposition in the golf bet community and especially with the PGA. But since Woods is the PGA Tour and there would be no interest in golf bet without him, the problems were quickly resolved. In fact, the PGA Tour had no choice in the golf bet matter as Woods has all the leverage. A simple browsing of the television ratings when Woods is involved in an PGA golf betting game and those that he are not, are a stark golf bet contrast.

Without Woods the PGA golf bet competition is about as popular as the WNBA and this is no secret. At the time when Woods was working to set up a golf bet tournament to raise money for his charities, there was even talk that perhaps he would break off and from his own golf betting game league.  That was certainly something that the PGA could not compete against and so worked quickly to accommodate the golf bet superstar.

This year, in its second running, the AT&T National golf bet competition was as good as could have been hoped for and then some. Twenty-three year old phenom Anthony Kim took the lead on the final day and held off a late golf bet challenge from Freddie Jacobson who birdied four straight holes before coming up short on the 18th golf bet hole. It was a great finish to what many golf bet fans are calling one of the best tournaments of the year so far.

In just two years the AT&T National has established itself as one of the premier events in the golf betting game odds. And that’s even without Woods’ participation. Imagine what the golf bet draw would be had Woods been healthy enough to enter the competition.