The Masters in Augusta Country Club at SBG Global

Golf betting is perhaps best epitomized by the Masters betting. Rarely will you find a golf betting tournament that combines all the best elements of golf betting as the Masters does.

Golf betting is one of the sporting world’s simple pleasures. It might often be called boring, or be habitually misunderstood, but for anyone that has ever tried their hand at the Masters betting, they know exactly what kind of joy there is to be had in golf betting.

It may not be the raciest or most fast-paced sport on the planet but golf betting provides a nice steady rhythm with constant wagering challenges. If it’s the aesthetic beauty that golf course can inject into golf betting than there is none finer than the Masters betting. Held at the Augusta Country Club every year rain or shine you would be hard pressed to find a more visually impressive golf betting course anywhere in the world.

Created by the legendary golfer Bobby Jones the course opened in 1933 and has played host to one of golf betting’s most prestigious events every year thereafter. Jones’ design was inspired by the legendary St Andrews course in Scotland the birthplace of modern golf and no doubt golf betting. If one was to look at the two courses, at first there would likely be few similarities drawn between them. Golf betting fans know St Andrews as a coastal links course with deep pitted bunkers postage stamp greens and plenty of long grass rough. It’s a rough golf betting course in a minimalist design.

In contrast, the course in the Masters betting is anything by minimalist or Spartan. It is in every sense of the word golf betting’s most extravagant and opulent course. The first thing you notice about the Augusta golf betting course is the breathtaking greenery. It appears to the first time golf betting observer an emerald oasis that might double as private garden when not hosting the Masters betting. Azaleas and bougainvilleas litter the fairways and decorate the greens. Green is every everywhere, represented by many different shades and contrasts.

But one thing the two golf betting courses do have in common is that they are both notoriously difficult and make for perfect golf betting scenes.

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