The Masters Tournament at SBG Global

Golf betting, as constituted by The Masters betting, represents the best that golf betting has to offer.

If it’s the aesthetic beauty of a golf betting oasis that fans seek, they will certainly find it at Augusta. If it’s the challenge of the one of the most difficult courses on earth, the Masters betting also offers that and much more.

Golf betting can be a very fickle business and there are number of factors to take into account. But when it comes to the Masters betting this list of factors is increased almost exponentially as the sheer magnitude of the stage and the rich history involved in the Masters betting often can get inside players heads and create some crazy results not often seen in golf betting.

There are many golf betting leads blown, and many surprise finishes at the Masters betting precisely because of how huge this tournament is relieve to other golf betting events. Ask any golfer on tour what course they would most want to achieve a golf betting victory on and chances are most if not all would say Augusta is their dream golf betting course. It is truly a sight to behold and many crazy things have been witnessed by golf betting fans here. The legendary course has brought many a player to tears, in both joy and agony, but one constant remains and that is the fact that there is no other golf betting venue quite like Augusta.

There have been legendary golf betting moments at Augusta such a anyone of Phil Mickelson’s meltdowns, which were finally avenged with Lefty’s first golf betting win there in 2005. John Daly, perhaps golf betting’s most interesting figure, has also had some unbelievable moments splashing balls into water as well as making spectacular shots. And who can forget what Augusta has meant to Tiger Woods’ legendary golf betting career. It was here where he has his coming out party and he dominated this golf betting event line other player in the history of golf betting.

This year all three should add to their golf betting legacies as well as the Masters betting history as they and all the other top golfers in the world will vying for the trophy come April.

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