The Masters Odds at SBG Global : Will Tiger Play This Year?

The Masters odds are riddled with questions every year, but this year there is one question that only one man knows the answer to that could make or break the Masters betting odds: Will Tiger Woods play?

Off the tour since his win at the US Open in 2008, no has any idea whether or not Woods will be featured in the Masters odds this year except for Woods himself. With only two months left before the Masters betting odds competition gets underway it’s the question that every fan of the Masters odds wants answered, but likely won’t be answered until just before the Masters odds tournament actually gets underway.

The Masters odds will depend very heavily on whether or not Woods participates. Woods, the best golfer in the universe by a very large margin would be the overwhelming favorite in the Master odds should he participate. Not only is he the best player in the game, but he rises to the occasion when the pressure is on and the pressure of the Masters odds is overwhelming. Woods seems to do especially well at Augusta and that’s why he is –and likely will be- the favorite of the Masters betting odds year in and year out.

But having suffered a major knee injury that has required various surgeries there is really no telling when Woods will return to the PGA Tour and whether or not it will be before or after the Masters odds event. Anyone who knows anything about Woods knows that he is not only the greatest competitor in history of the Masters betting odds competition, but perhaps in all of sport. If there is any way that Woods could play in the Masters odds competition in April, he’ll likely be there.

However, even as great a competitor as Woods is, and no matter how much he wants another title in the Masters odds competition, he’ll likely be a bit more cautious than normal in his return. Remember that rushing back from a previous injury is actually what caused him to re-aggravate the knee and forced his absence from the Tour. His wife is also expecting the couple’s second child in less than a month and that would certainly take precedence over the Masters odds. Yet Woods has said he only needs one practice tournament before the Masters odds competition and he’s got over two months left to prepare according to that schedule.

It’s quite possible that Woods won’t be featured in the Masters odds this year. But anyone that knows anything about Woods or the Masters odds likely knows better.

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