The Masters Odds: Tradition Reigns Supreme at SBG Global

The Masters odds have been around for a very long time. Since 1934 sports fans have been witnessing greatness on the golf course and bettors have been wagering on the Masters betting odds.

Over those past eight decades the Masters odds fans have witnessed greatness, tradition and the magic that has been created during this time has become a standard for the Masters betting odds.

The Masters odds makers have gone through the same preparation and motions for the past 75 years and in 2009 they’ll go about setting the Masters betting odds the same way that their forbearers did so many years ago. Of course, nowadays, the Masters odds makers have much more help in terms of statistical data and scouting reports, but the essence of the Masters betting odds remains the same.

Golf has remained unchanged perhaps more than any other major sport over the past 80 years and the Masters odds competition has changed perhaps even less than most tournaments. In fact the Masters odds competition has become something of the standard bearer of tradition in the game of golf.

The idea for the Masters odds competition originated with one great golf minds in history. After Bobby Jones retired he bought land in Augusta, GA and the rest is history. Since the first edition of the Masters odds competition with a $5,000 total purse, very little has changed aside from the prize money. But the changes that have been made in the course of the Masters odds competition have been monumental. As mentioned prior, the prize money involved in the Masters odds competition has catapulted from a few thousand dollars to $7.5 million this year.

Also, and most importantly, African-Americans have been allowed to participate as members of the Augusta National Golf Club, although racism still remains an issue with the Masters odds competition. As does sexism, as women are still not accepted as members at the club. But it’s likely only a matter of time before these facts about the Masters odds competition change as well and become traditions of long and interesting past.

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