The Masters Odds Makers Have Unenviable Job at SBG Global

The Masters odds makers are holed-up in their grubby lairs running a million different scenarios through their minds trying to determine the perfect of set of the Masters betting odds for the 2009 event.

But this year the Masters odds makers have their hands full. As with any edition of the Masters odds, when the level of talent, difficulty of the course and the magnitude of the stage are all factored in, it becomes extremely difficult to select a winner in the Masters betting odds.

The Masters odds are one of, if not the most sought after set of odds in professional golf. And in just a few short weeks the Masters odds event will be underway and the Major season on the PGA Tour will be underway. On April 9th, the tournament will be underway and the mania that is the Masters betting odds competition will be in full swing. That means in the next few weeks the Masters odds will jump all over the board before finally settling on the final set of the Masters odds.

The difficulty in trying to set the Masters odds is that, as mentioned above, there are so many variables that must be entered into the equation that are absent at much lesser golf events. Even the mere mention of “the Masters odds” makes even the most successful of professional golfers nervous. Hosted at the Augusta National Golf Club, the history, tradition and sheer difficulty of the course can turn Tour veterans into Jell-O and the Masters betting odds favorites into afterthoughts.

The course itself is as difficult as they come and can intimidate almost every player on Tour, which naturally causes second thoughts for most of the Masters odds makers. And if the weather moves in, as it so often does in the month of April in Georgia, the Masters odds become almost a crap shoot.

At no other tournament is there such a broad mix of variables that must be considered as there is when setting the Masters odds. Course difficulty, weather and the mental magnitude of playing in the biggest golf tournament can be too much for many of the Masters odds favorites to handle. In fact, there have been many exciting finishes in the Masters odds history, but for every heroic win, there have been a dozen melt downs. And when you consider all of these things, it’s easy to see why many people consider the Masters odds makers job one of the most difficult in the sport.

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