The Masters Odds Favor Tiger’s Return at SBG Global

The Masters odds just don’t seem complete without Tiger Woods’ name somewhere in the mix.

And when it comes to The Masters betting odds Woods’ name is almost always at the top of the list. Sidelined by a knee injury for nine months, it’s unknown whether Woods will be featured in The Masters odds this year, but as almost any of The Masters betting odds makers would tell you, the chances look good.

The Masters odds certainly don’t need Woods present to make for an interesting wager. However, there is simply no athlete on earth that means as much to this sport as Woods. For the most part Woods is the PGA Tour and any event, whether it’s The Masters odds competition or the Honda Open, benefits from Woods presence. When Woods plays in an event the television ratings as well as the betting odds become much more interesting for fans and demand for The Masters odds rises accordingly. And the more people that are interested in The Masters odds, the better the betting in most cases.

Woods has been hard at work on his swing at his Florida home the past few weeks with the ultimate goal of being ready to play in time for The Masters betting odds event. As Woods has stated before on many occasions, he lives to play in the Major events and there is perhaps no Major he enjoys more than The Masters odds competition. A four time winner at Augusta he would love nothing more than to come back from a long lay off and prove to The Masters betting odds makers and his legions of fans that he’s as good as ever.

That’s quite a tall order for any human, but Woods has proven time and time again that to doubt him is folly and it would take a lot of guts not to like his chances in The Masters odds battle even with such a long hiatus. Woods has stated earlier that he would like at least one warm up event before he could participate in the Masters odds and that he wouldn’t come back unless he was physically able to compete for a win right away.

It seems likely that with only a few months left before The Masters odds begin, and Woods all-consuming competitive drive the chances are quite good that we’ll see him in The Masters odds when the first weekend in April rolls around.

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