The Masters Odds: Augusta Always Steals the Show at SBG Global

The Masters odds are synonymous with many things. For fans that have tried their hands at the Masters betting odds there are many different things that jog their memory or remind them of set of the Masters odds from a particular year.

But the players and The Masters odds come and go and the one constant defining element of The Masters betting odds is the course itself –the legendary Augusta National Golf Club.

The Masters odds are always the most desirable of all golf odds in the US, challenged only on the global scale by the legendary British Open odds. And despite the fact that the top players in the world congregate to play out The Masters odds competition and the fact that The Masters betting odds represent one of the four Major golf betting events, it is the legendary Augusta that always takes center stage. Not even the great Tiger Woods can upstage the mighty Augusta when The Masters odds season rolls around.

All you need is one glimpse of the heavenly golf setting to understand why the course is unique to The Masters odds. It is simply one-of-a-kind and any attempt to try and duplicate the magic of this course at another course or any event that wasn’t The Masters odds event would certainly end in failure. Augusta stands as a monument to golf perfection or at least as close as can be achieved. And without the course The Masters betting odds simply wouldn’t be the same.

In fact, there is no course quite like Augusta anywhere in professional golf and it is the most defining characteristic of The Masters odds. In some cases it seems to matter little who the contestants in The Masters odds are, as the fans and bettors can’t seem to take their eyes off of the manicured fairways and Bougainvillea flowers.

Words fail when attempting to describe the magic of the course and what it means to The Masters odds. Among golf courses Augusta has no equal as anyone that has ever bet on The Masters odds knows. But for someone that has never seen the magnificence of this course or is unfamiliar of the integral role it plays in defining The Masters odds, just know that there is no other course in the world that hosts a major event every year. And that Augusta is the only course with exclusive rights to a major tournament is perhaps the most telling fact about this course.

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