The Masters Betting: There Are No Easy Holes at Augusta at SBG Global

The Masters betting is not only hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club, but it is, in many ways defined by the course as well.

While The Masters golf betting could not take place without the world’s top golfers, The Masters betting also likely couldn’t take place without this legendary course playing host either.

The layout of this course is something that is all but impossible to duplicate and certain holes on this course have either created or destroyed the dreams of many an entrant in The Masters betting.

The Masters betting is a very delicate affair with so many possible out comes that it really comes down to dissecting the hole by hole action, as there is no free pass at The Masters golf betting and wheels can fall off at any moment; there is no free pass for players in The Masters betting competition and no lead is safe.

The course starts off with a slap to the face of every player that thinks they can simply come to Augusta and walk off with The Masters golf betting title. Hole one is a somewhat pedestrian par 4 at 455-yards that draws The Masters betting entrants into a temporary lull. By hole two of The Masters betting competition it becomes apparent that Augusta is not like any of the other PGA courses. Players are forced to navigate a 575-yard par five that has ruined more than a few rounds in The Masters betting tournament.

If the golfers in The Masters betting competition make it through the first few holes and even the front nine with their wits still about them, they’ll face the treacherous Amen Corner after making the turn. Perhaps more so than any other feature in The Masters betting event, the 11th, 12th and 13th hole at Augusta has destroyed the sanity of entrants in The Masters betting. The likelihood of a double-bogey or a ball lost in the water is very high and these holes have re-written the leader board at The Masters betting on many, many occasions.

But it is these same perils of the course that help to make The Masters betting event what it is. And that is simply the most difficult and aesthetically beautiful event on the PGA. If you have a chance to join in The Masters betting action, do not miss it. It’s an event where, thanks to the maddeningly difficulty course, anything can –and does- happen in The Masters betting.

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