Stanford St. Jude Championship golf gambling open at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf gambling on the PGA is always highly entertaining; however, there are some events that are simply better than the others and some golf gambling game events that tend to be overlooked.

The Stanford St. Jude Championship happens to be one of the PGA golf gambling events that tends to be looked over but for anyone who enjoys great golf gambling games this tournament is as good as any. With top flight competition and the much of the proceeds of the event going to help children’s hospitals this is one golf gambling event that shouldn’t be missed.

Golf gambling fans no doubt have their eyes set on the US Open which is the next event on the calendar after the Stanford St. Jude event but it’s wouldn’t be wise to completely skip over this golf gambling event. One very good reason to take part in this golf gambling game is of course the beneficiary of funds raised is of course the St Jude Children’s’ Hospital. But aside from that, this event can serve as the perfect barometer with which to gauge the players for the up coming US Open golf gambling event.

And even though many of the top players will take the event off in preparation for the Major the players that do play in the golf betting event will use it as a springboard for the Open. And if there is anything such thing as momentum in golf there golf betting fans will certainly be able to see which players have it heading into the US Open.

And so in this way the Stanford St Jude golf gambling game is a great scouting opportunity for golf gambling fans. Obviously the US Open is a much bigger and much more prestigious event that most golf betting fans will be interested in. The Stanford St Jude Championship is a great warm up for golf betting fans trying to get a handle on the field before the US Open begins. Any player that plays terribly at the St Jude is likely to carry that into Open, and vice versa, anyone that plays well at the St Jude will also carry that into the US Open.

That’s not always the case but generally, it’s a good rule of thumb for approaching the US Open golf betting.

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