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November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf odds at SBG Global will give you two main betting options. First, you can bet a golfer to win the tournament and second, you can bet individual golfers matched up against one another on the SBG golf odds board.

Take a look at both of these options as you look at the SBG golf betting odds. Golf odds are probably more popular on matchups because picking a winner of a tournament, other than picking Tiger Woods, can be difficult.  Since it is so difficult to predict who will win the each tournament, many people concentrate on the golf betting odds matchup.  Let’s look at a typical golf odds example.

Jim Furyk               +200
Tiger Woods           -240

In this golf odds example you would be risking $240 dollars for every $100 you want to win on Woods while you get $200 dollars for every $100 you risk on Furyk.  Betting golf odds matchups is much easier to do because you are just trying to beat one golfer and not the entire field.  Picking just one golfer in golf betting odds to win can be difficult because so many players have a chance if Woods is not entered or does not win.

As you look at golf odds matchups at SBG there are a few things to consider.  The first one is how have the golfers done at this particular golf tournament?  You are looking for a golfer on the golf odds board that has had reasonable success at this week’s tournament and it doesn’t hurt if you have him matched up against someone that has struggled at this tournament.  Second, you look at the course and see if it favors a certain type of player.  Some courses are suited to players that have great distance off the tee while other courses are suited to golfers that stay in the fairway.  You want as many advantages as you can get as you look at golf betting odds.

As you look at golf odds at SBG keep some of these things in mind and strongly consider the golf odds matchups each week.  They offer you excellent value and to collect you only have to have your golfer beat the other golf on the golf odds matchup.

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