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November 30, 2010 Golf

US Open Odds makers had looked upon the upcoming US Open as perhaps a relatively easy assignment.

Tiger Woods has dominated the golf betting world so far this year and with the US Open betting odds competition taking place at his favorite course, why shouldn’t he be the favorite to win the US Open Odds? But recent knee surgery has monkey-wrenched the task of setting the US Open odds and many analysts are unaware if Woods will be back in time for the 2008 US Open betting odds action.

US Open odds makers will still make Woods the favorite if he enters the tournament, which he’s said he will, but US Open odds fans will be wondering in the back of their minds if, in fact, Woods will be physically at 100% or not. After a relatively disappointing second place finish at the Masters, Woods immediately put his lock on the US Open odds in jeopardy by announcing that he would undergo surgery on his knee. He had arthroscopic surgery following the Masters and US Open betting odds makers expect him to be out four to six weeks.

With that time frame in mind he is expected to be back in time for the US Open odds, however, that timeline doesn’t leave much time for him to get back into the competitive swing of things before the US Open odds action. At most he would have three weeks to prepare for the US Open odds. In a worst case scenario for Woods, he would have only one week of preparation for the US Open odds competition.

For the average golfer coming off of a knee surgery with only a week of practice before the US Open odds competition began and still, expect to win the US Open betting odds would be an impossible. But then again, Woods is no average human being and the US Open odds are still well within his grasp. In fact, as some US Open odds experts have predicted, the time off could even actually help Woods in the upcoming US Open odds battle. Competitive golfing is such a mentally demanding sport that perhaps a small break away from the game would actually refresh him for the US Open odds.

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