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November 30, 2010 Golf

PGA Championship odds do not quite resonate the same way with sports fans than those of the British Open or the US Open, but they are still highly sought after nonetheless.

This year is a unique year for the PGA championship betting odds as the top player in the world will not be a participant in the tournament. Yet, with all the top talent in the golf world right now, the PGA Championship odds betting should be as good as ever.

PGA Championship odds are the last betting lines available of the four golf Majors and so it’s a bittersweet event when the classic tournament rolls around. It’s always a huge event when a golf Major rolls around but when the PGA Championship betting odds come into play it signals the end of the Majors betting season. Something that no golf fan is pleased to see come. But at the same time, there could hardly be a better way to end the season than with some PGA Championship odds wagering.

The PGA is a unique and exciting event, as all the Majors are, and even though it doesn’t have quite the stature of other Majors, playing the PGA Championship odds is in some ways much more exciting. The PGA Championship odds tournament seems to be a bit less stuffy than some of the other tradition bound Majors. Also the course layout tends to be a bit more forgiving for most golfers in the PGA Championship betting odds competition and that means lower score and a more attacking style of golf in the PGA Championship odds battle.

In other Majors such as the British Open, the weather, rough, and traps are designed to make scores as high as possible which is a big turnoff for many PGA Championship odds fans. However, the PGA Championship betting odds tournament holds a philosophy somewhat different and prefers to see the players’ talent accentuated rather than challenged. And that is the real beauty of the PGA Championship odds battle. Its top quality golf played on a challenging course, but instead of ridiculously high scores the PGA Championship odds layout traditionally allows players to showcase their skills instead of simply challenging them.

This philosophy is very popular among most golf wagering fans and it has helped the PGA Championship odds stake out it own identity within the golf betting world. There are still many golf fans that believe in punishing the golfers and love to see scores balloon, but those aren’t really the type of golf betting fans that are going to bet on PGA Championship odds anyway.

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