PGA Championship Betting Could be Perry’s Big Chance at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

PGA Championship betting and Kenny have not been a good combination in years past.

But this season the elder statesman of the PGA tour has been on a tear and it seems as if he would be a very good pick for the upcoming betting the PGA Championship competition. With more wins than anyone else on Tour not named Tiger, Perry looks to be the favorite in the PGA Championship betting this year.

PGA Championship betting odds makers would never in a million years predicted that Perry would be on the short list to win the betting the PGA championship at the beginning of the year but golf is a funny sport. Perry, who has been toiling away in almost obscurity on the PGA Tour in recent years, was looking forward to nothing more than competing in big events like the PGA Championship betting and waiting to get old enough to compete on the senior tour. But 2008 has been a breath of fresh air for Perry and he has been sticking to golfers half his age.

His outstanding performance so far this season has propelled him to the top of a short-list of PGA Championship betting contenders. No spring chicken at age 47 he seems to have found the elixir of youth as the betting the PGA Championship action approaches. He is having one of the best seasons of his career and arguably the best season of anyone on Tour and any one entering the PGA Championship betting. He’s won three tournaments this year, a best among all potential PGA Championship betting action entrants and the tops on Tour after the disqualified Tiger Woods.

The PGA Championship betting actually represents the best chance for Perry to win a Major. As most golf fans know he did not play in the British Open.  Nor did he qualify for the other two Majors so betting the PGA Championship will be just the first Major of the year for him. Traditionally, Perry has played well in the PGA Championship betting and it’s likely his best chance ever to win a Major event. He has finished in the top ten at the PGA Championship betting three times and even finished second back in 1996.

There is simply no other player on Tour right now as hot as Kenny Perry and that is why he will be the man to beat in the PGA Championship betting.  Oakland Hills is a course that plays to his strengths and if he gets off to one his patented fast starts the competition could be playing from behind all week once the PGA Championship betting gets underway.

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