PGA Tour Odds: Young Faces Rising To Challenge

November 30, 2010 Golf

In recent years there has been a collective lament on the part of the golf commentary community that there have been no young players coming through the system to challenge the stalwarts of the PGA Tour Odds competition.

Where was the next Tiger Woods?  Where was the next Phil Mickelson they cried?

Well, there’s little reason to be concerned about the next crop of competitors in the PGA Tour betting action if the 2010 season is anything to go by.  This year there seems to have been an explosion of youth talent on tour and every week it seems like there is a new 20-something among the leader board.  And anyway you look at it; it’s a great evolution for the sport and a great development of r fans of the PGA tour odds activity.

There are many theories as to why this year of all years has been the one in which the youth movement has taken hold.  Some people think that exactly because Woods is mired in a hurricane of personal strife and struggles on the course that this has created an opportunity to for the younger players to emerge.  They also opine that if Woods had been playing at his normal high standard that the 2010 season would be just the same as the others over the past decade: Woods winning all the tournaments and the younger players, or whoever is fighting for second and third place.

But that theory too easily discounts the terrific play of a cohort of up and coming golfers who appear to the next generation of the PGA Tour odds completion.

Players like Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson Hunter Mahan and others have all elevated their games and are no longer intimidated by the likes of Woods, Lefty or the Ernie Els.

These young guns have been in the thick of nearly every tournament this year winning the majority and even claiming a few of the Majors. 

And it’s been a hugely positive development for the sometimes stale world of professional golf where change is a rare event, tradition dominates and until very recently so did Tiger Woods. 

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