PGA Champion Betting: This Year’s Competition Is Wide Open

November 30, 2010 Golf

When it comes to betting on Major events in professional golf it’s generally pretty easy to isolate two or three players that are all but certain to win but this year the Majors have been wide open and the PGA champion betting should be one of the most unpredictable events yet.

Majors in golf are the equivalent to Grand Slam events in tennis and perhaps even more important.  Ever since Tiger Woods burst on the scene these have gained almost monumental type status as he’s personally declared them the focus of his illustrious career, and who’s going to argue with the greatest golfer in the history of the game?  That Woods schedules his entire season around Major events like the PGA Champion odds competition is proof enough of how much these events mean to the PGA Tour and the dozens of sponsors and networks that televise these events.

And in years’ past you could almost always count on Woods to contend for the PGA Champion betting title.  But that may not be the case this year.  Woods is in the midst of one of his biggest slumps right now and if he fails in his bid to win the PGA Champion betting action 2010 will be one of the few years in which he hasn’t captured at least one Major tournament.

Compared to the other Major events the PGA Champion odds tournament is the widest open and most unpredictable in terms of picking a winner.  It’s also the Major in which Woods and the other elite players have the smallest advantage over the rest of the field.  Whereas the Masters always plays difficult and the US Open hosts annually try and create the most difficult course on earth, and weather conditions can make the British Open impossible, the PGA Champion betting contest is actually meant to showcase players’ talents and low scores abound.

The PGA Championship is always the easiest layout of the of all the Majors and it gives players who may not have the short game for the British Open or the distance for the US Open a chance to compete for the title.

It is always the most difficult of the Majors to predict because of that very reason and when the elite players are not at their best it makes it even more difficult to try and pick a winner.

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