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November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf odds for the OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup will be abundant during the next week or so.

Though the World Cup has gone by many different names since its inception in 1953, this year will be the 54th holding of the event; there was no golf odds tournament in 1981 and 1986. 2008 will be the second time the World Cup will be held in Mission Hills Golf Club, in Shenzhen, China, but it won’t be the last time the golf betting odds will see the tournament held at this venue. Mission Hills has reserved the privilege of hosting the tournament until 2018.

Golf odds fans watched last year as the Scottish team, Colin Montgomerie and Marc Warren, took the championship title. 28 nations qualified for the first Mission Hills World Cup golf betting odds, and each nation endured four rounds of play, alternating between Four-ball and Foursomes.

For the greater part of the golf odds tournament, the United States held the lead in the golf odds for each of the first three rounds; not a very big surprise. It was in the fourth round that the US choked and allowed Scotland to tie with 263 points. At this point in the golf odds tournament, the two number one countries entered a playoff to decide the winner of the golf betting odds tournament. As the results of the golf odds will show, Scotland emerged the victor.

This was not such a crushing blow to the United States, however, as they remain dominant in the history of the World Cup golf odds. With 23 wins since 1953, the US holds a sizeable lead over South Africa, the 2nd most successful team who has a mere 5 wins. This golf odds victory for Scotland, however, was a monumental one. The 2007 Mission Hills World Cup was Scotland’s first victory in the Cup.

This year, golf odds will see Scotland return for another chance to win the Mission Hills World Cup, only Montgomerie will have a new partner featured in the golf betting odds, Alastair Forsyth. The United States will have a completely new team, Ben Curtis and Brandt Snedeker. Though their team is fresh, they are relatively inexperienced. Curtis has 8 years pro, and Snedeker 4. Montgomerie has 21 years pro and Forsyth 10. It seems like next to Spain, Scotland looks as if it may be able to defend its golf odds title.

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