Odds For Winning Majors In 2015 Are Interesting To Spot

May 9, 2015 Golf

Many different top-name golfers have been subjected to different listings on sportsbooks with regards to different majors. These include many different lines on whether or not certain golfers could end up winning a certain number of majors.

There are three particular golfers as of the start of May 2015 who are being highlighted for odds with regards to winning majors. Here’s a look at what is being listed on sportsbooks.

What Will Jordan Spieth Do?

Jordan Spieth had a commanding lead in the Masters and managed to pull off the biggest win in his career. Sportsbooks have listed -250 of him not winning any more majors this year. However, considering the strong momentum that he has gotten ever since his Masters win, he has gotten a +200 betting line to win at least one more major in 2015.

Rory’s Chances

Rory McIlroy is always a favorite to win a major as he is currently the highest-rated golfer in the world. He has -188 odds to not win a single major this year though. Much of this is due to the extended variety of competitors that will be going after majors just like him.

However, McIlroy does have some good odds for winning at least one major. The odds of him getting just one this year are +175.

What About Tiger?

Even though he has been struggling in recent time, Tiger Woods is still a name to consider with regards to majors. However, his age has become a good factor in terms of figuring out if he still has it or not.

In fact, sportsbooks around the world have placed -1600 odds on Woods not winning a major this year. In addition, he has only +500 odds to win one major in 2015.

The odds of individual golfers to win big majors will be interesting to find. It can be tough to predict just who will win any major so it will be interesting to see what could happen as the golfing season goes along this year.

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