The Masters opens up the Majors season at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Even among all the great wagering that can be done in professional golf on all the various legendary courses that pepper the schedule none is as special as the Masters betting.

The Masters betting is very unique golf betting experience. Perhaps it’s a combination of the natural beauty as well as the difficulty, but there is simply something about the Masters betting that is unmatched throughout the sport.

The Masters betting is something like Christmas or the Super Bowl in the fact that it happens but once a year and golf betting fans look forward to it all year round. The Masters betting is also a bit like the Daytona 500 in the respect that it is perhaps the sports marquee event and it happens early on in the season. The Masters betting doesn’t open the PGA as the Daytona 500 opens it respective sport’s season, but it’s early enough in the schedule that many golf betting fans don’t really tune into the season until it’s time for the Masters betting.

The first of the four majors, the Masters betting opens up the Majors season and that’s when the golf betting really starts to get interesting. Among the four Majors, the Masters betting is arguably the best. There are times when perhaps it’s outshone by other major events like the British Open or the US Open but it’s not all that common. Only great historic sites like St Andrews or Carnustie can still the thunder of the Masters betting and even than its rare. St Andrews of course is tough to beat as the birth place of golf, but aesthetically it pales compared to the featured course of the Masters betting. And depending on the weather St Andrews doesn’t always play as difficult as the Masters betting course either.

But when discussing US hosted events there is very rarely any other event on American soil that can compare with the Masters betting. Some golf betting fans might propose that Pebble Beach gives the Masters betting a run for its money, and that might be true, but one must also remember that Pebble Beach rarely plays host to a Major tournament whereas Augusta plays host to the Masters every year.

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