Masters Betting: Is Tiger Healthy Enough at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

It would be very difficult, if not impossible to imagine the Masters odds without Woods and so it was a great relief to many Masters betting fans when Woods announced he’d be back in time for the event this year.

Masters betting and Tiger Woods go together like peanut butter and jelly. But after two lackluster tournaments under his belt in 2009 the big question remains: is Tiger in condition to win the Masters betting?

Master betting gurus and Masters odds makers are currently debating this very issue. And apparently the consensus is that Woods can indeed win the Masters betting title in ’09. The early Masters odds have Woods the favorite with 11-4 odds. But just behind him in the Masters betting lines is Phil Mickelson at 7-1. After that the list drops off a cliff with no real favorites among the rest of the Masters betting crowd, with Jeff Ogilvy a 15-1 favorite and Europeans Predrag Harrington and Sergio Garcia both at 20-1 in the Masters betting odds.

In Woods two starts since returning from a nine month absence from competition he has looked rusty to say the least. There have been few moments that have made golf betting fans think he’s in top form. But there has been steady progress in both the match play event in Arizona and the recent event at Doral to believe that he’ll be fit for the April start date of the Masters betting. He has steadily improved and played his best round so far in the closing round at Doral.

In fact, Woods hit the ball awfully well in the last tournament and if not for some very close misses in his putting game he could have competed for the lead. But he’ll have to be in top form for the Masters betting as Augusta is notoriously unforgiving. And with several more weeks of practice he should be. Masters odds handicappers would like to see him in one more tournament before the Masters betting begins but only time will tell.

Mickelson, on the other hand, is in top form, perhaps the best he’s been in almost a year and will be a strong contender in the Masters betting. He also has a sordid history of blowing leads at Augusta and it’s hard to see him pulling out a win against the Augusta odds for a third time. As happens every year in the Masters betting competition a few dark horses should emerge before a small group remains on Sunday. Woods could very easily be among this group and if he’s within three strokes on Sunday of the Masters betting the tournament is likely his.

Whether or not he can hang in there until Sunday of the Masters betting is the big question, but only a fool would bet against him.

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