Masters Betting: Augusta National is Magic Ingredient at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Masters betting is obviously a very special event on the PGA Tour schedule. Anyone who’s ever played the Masters odds can tell you how this Major event is one of the four greatest golfing events on the planet.

But what separates the Masters betting from the other Major events is the fact that it is held on the same course year after year and that course, Augusta National, is the key ingredient to the Masters odds appeal.

Masters betting gurus are unanimous in their praise of the course. Built in 1933 by the late great Bobby Jones this course is probably as close to golf heaven as any Masters betting fan will ever get. The lush layout amid the towering Georgia pines and the flowering dogwood make for an unforgettable environment for Masters betting. The well cropped boundaries between the rough and the fairway, the neatly trimmed rose bushes, the hundred shades of green all contribute to the beauty of the Masters betting. In fact, it seems more like the players are in a stroll in a country garden rather than a Masters odds event with only the 18 pins betraying this idyllic visage.

The greenery and the superb care that the grounds receive only help accentuate this idea of the Masters betting course as a private garden. But don’t let the good looks fool you: this course can bite. Just ask any of the hundreds of golfers who have been soundly defeated in their quest for a Masters betting title by a slightly errant shot or a drive slightly off-center in the Masters odds competition that all of sudden turned into a triple bogey and pushed their name off the Masters betting leader board.

As gorgeous as the Masters betting course is, it’s equally unforgiving. A marginally hit ball on Augusta can easily find its way into a water hazard or a cavernous bunker and misplaced shot result in a three-stroke disaster. There are no easy holes in Masters betting competition and there are no gimmes when the Masters odds are on the line. The competition is simply too strong and the course is too demanding.

And that is why Augusta is the only course that hosts a Major tournament every year. There is simply no other course like the home of the Masters betting. It’s beautiful but deadly and it’s been the death of many a golfer’s Masters betting hopes. And yet it’s also the reason they keep coming back year after year to challenge in the Masters betting.

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