A gorgeous court for the Masters Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf betting fans have long been amazed by the Masters. While golf is a sport rich in history and tradition there is simply no other feeling like the Masters betting.

Certainly, events like the British Open held at some of the oldest clubs on the planet are breathtaking but they are different than the Masters and the golf betting simply isn’t the same.

Golf betting fans are rabid for any great event and it’s quite difficult to top the greatness of the Masters. To begin with the course is a one of a kind setting that is simply unduplicated anywhere in golf betting. That’s quite a claim considering the wide variety of courses that golf betting has to offer, but it’s true. When comparing the Master’s course to those of the historic British Opens there is really no comparison whatsoever. The British courses are rich in tradition and golf betting history but pale in the face of the Master’s betting course.

Augusta is truly one of the man made wonders of the world and there is nothing to rival it in the great universe of golf betting. This gorgeous course tucked away in the middle of nowhere outside of Atlanta is a place where golf betting transcends sport and becomes an aesthetic art. With the well manicured grass, the impeccable trimming of the rough and the bougainvilleas in bloom the Masters betting provides more than just golf betting, it provides a scenic refuge for the golf betting fans.

Rarely does golf betting look so good and that fact is hardly wasted on the average golf fan. But aside from just looking good this is one of the most challenging courses in golf betting, if not the most challenging. Last year was a great example of how the Masters betting can turn ridiculously difficult for the players. Zach Johnson, last’s year winner turned in a golf betting rarity with a 1 over par final score for the win. With gusting winds and cold weather against them, no one in the field was able to turn in a red score. Augusta is the only regular golf betting course where such a thing could happen and that’s what makes the Masters golf betting so unbelievable.

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