Golf Odds Options at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf odds options include betting on a golfer to win a tournament or betting on one golfer against another in a matchup.

Golf odds for many gamblers focus on the matchups.  These wagers offer less variance in terms of ups and downs than the futures bet in terms of golf betting odds.  Sometimes you can find great information on the golf odds board in terms of matchups.  What some gamblers that look at golf odds will do is find a golfer they think can win and bet him in the matchups.

This way the gambler has numerous chances to win money on the golf odds board without winning the tournament.  Matchups are very popular with gamblers that look at the golf betting odds each week.  To refresh your memory about golf odds matchups, they are money line wagers.  You are only betting on your golfer to finish better than the other golfer in the golf odds matchup.  You will notice that golf odds in terms of matchups will sometimes move a great deal.  This is because gamblers will be taking a serious shot on certain golfers in certain matchups on the golf odds board.  These wagers don’t always win, but since the limits in golf odds at the sportsbooks are lower, the golf betting odds will move more quickly and more often.  The matchups may also be different at sportsbooks.  You won’t always see the same two golfers paired against one another.  Do a little searching and find the matchup that best suits the handicapping that you have already done for the tournament.

Take a look at the golf betting odds in terms of futures and on the matchups.  You will find both options available all season long on the PGA Tour.  The PGA Tour season is a long one with tournaments beginning in January and continuing through the end of the year.  There are multiple golf tournaments every month and numerous betting opportunities.  Enjoy the many different golf betting choices you have available to you this season.

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