Golf Betting: The Masters at SBG Global

The Masters betting is something that no sports betting fan should pass up.

Whether or not you’re even a fan of golf betting makes little difference as once you try your hand at the Masters betting you certainly will be. The combination of execution and adrenaline make the Masters betting unlike any other kind of golf betting and it’s all but impossible not to get hooked.

The Masters betting is something that comes along only once every year and is arguably the greatest opportunity for golf betting on the calendar. As one of the four major golf events on the PGA schedule it is arguably the biggest there is. Just like in tennis the four top events in the golfing world are coveted prizes by the players and an above average golf betting opportunity for the fans. But even among the major events it seems that the Masters betting stands out.

Each major event has something special and unique about it that makes it such a spectacular event, but among these grand events none is more unique than the Masters. You see the Masters betting is the only major wagering event that is hosted by the same course every year. The US Open, the PGA Championship and the great British Open are all hosted by different courses every year in contrast to the great tradition of the Masters betting.

The simple fact that the Masters betting is held on the same pristine course every year is a testament to the special tradition that is created. The tag line for the Masters tournament is “a tradition like no other”. And that’s a pretty good way to sum up the Masters betting experience. It simply doesn’t compare to any other type of golf betting out there and unique even among the marquee events.

The course used for the Masters betting is of course something quite special in itself; otherwise it wouldn’t be used time and time again. In fact the course, in many cases outshines the players and that’s also a special feature of the Masters betting. Many tournaments attempt to dress the course up to be the star of the tournament, but it generally fails, proving again and again what a special course the Masters betting features.

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