Golf Betting PGA Odds Favor Harrington at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf betting PGA championship odds makers will have to give Padraig Harrington a second thought this week.

Fresh off a second consecutive win at the British Open he can’t help but be a favorite in the upcoming betting the PGA Championship weekend. Ranked number three in the world, he looks like he could be the man to beat once the golf betting PGA Championship odds action gets underway.

Golf betting PGA Championship odds are generally the easiest to try and predict.  The reason for this is that betting the PGA Championship is the last of golf’s Majors and comes fairly late in the year. Thus the golf betting PGA Championship odds makers have a had chance to see how players performed not only in the other Majors but in all the events and have a much better idea of what to expect in the golf PGA Championship odds than if it were the first Major of the season like the Masters. Also, with course layout for the golf betting PGA Championship odds usually much more straightforward, luck, weather conditions and other non-calculable variables play a much smaller roll than in the other Majors.

As such, golf betting PGA Championship odds makers simply need to sort through the many players and see which players have played well all year, played well at Majors and which players on a hot streak on the run up to the betting the PGA Championship. If you take these criteria into account, it’s undeniable that Harrington would rank very high on a list of potential betting golf PGA Championship odds list.

Harrington is not only fresh off a Major win –the British Open- no less, but he has rocketed into the third spot in the world rankings as the golf betting PGA Championship odds approach. He has been a on a tear and his consistency will place him high on the golf betting PGA Championship odds makers lists of potential winners. Although Harrington has never won the betting the PGA championship competition, Oakland Hills seems to suit his style of play and he has a real shot at collecting his second Major of the year.

If Harrington were to win the golf betting PGA Championship odds he would be well positioned to make a run to over take Mickelson in the world rankings and lay claim to the number two spot (a de facto number one ranking until Tiger Woods returns). But more than that he would all but cement his winning of the PGA Tour player of the year with a win in the golf betting PGA Championship odds contest –a trophy that has more or less been property of Tiger Woods over the past decade.

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