Golf Betting has increased in past decade at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf

There has never been a time in the history of golf when golf betting has been more popular than the present.

There has been all kinds of conjecture and speculation as to why that is, but it’s very difficult to exclude the role of the online golf betting in the rise of golf betting’s popularity. And with more and more people now owning computers and gaining access to the Internet the demand for golf betting is certainly likely to continue rising for some time.

Just as it has affected many industries and sectors the Internet has revolutionized the way people approach golf betting. It used to be that sports fans that had an interest in golf betting had to have some personal connections to find someone who could arrange odds for golf betting, or else their golf betting practices were relegated to gentleman wagers between friends. The online golf betting industry has revolutionized that process.  Now golf betting fans simply need to log onto their favorite online golf betting site and click their mouse a few times.

But also, let’s not forget that interest in golf in general has been on the rise and has also have a great impact in increasing interest in online golf betting.  In the 1970s and 80s golf and golf betting presented an interest for only a very small part of the sporting community. Generally white, suburban men were the only ones with much of an interest in golf betting, but the introduction of Tiger Woods to the sports world changed all that significantly increased golf betting’s profile to the world.

The young golfing phenom came out of nowhere and began shattering every record that the game of golf and golf betting had. By the age of thirty he had turned the golfing world on its head and become the most popular athlete in the world during the process. Suddenly golf was cool and suddenly golf betting was very interesting. So as the popularity of Tiger rose, so rose the popularity of golf betting.

That the creation of the of the online golf betting industry and the rise of Tiger Woods coincided is likely one of the greatest developments in golf betting history and more to advance golf betting than anything else in its history.

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