Golf Betting competition in Augusta at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf

Golf betting season is about to kick into high gear once the Masers roles around.

There are few sporting events on the planet that are as exciting as the Masters and if you’re looking to make a golf bet this season don’t let this opportunity pass you by. There are many different golf betting opportunities that come along every year but none can come close matching the rush that the Masters provides.

Golf betting gurus and enthusiasts have been asking the question for decades, but what is it exactly about the Masters that makes it so interesting? There are a million possible answers to this query and most likely every golf betting fan his or her own reason for making a golf bet on this legendary tournament. But there seems to be a common thread among the various responses and that is the uniqueness of this golf betting experience.

There is simply no other course on earth quite like Augusta, and perhaps more so than any other golf betting tournament the Masters is defined by its course. There are of course many signature courses world wide but none stands out among the golf betting competition like Augusta does. In the US, Augusta is hands down the most prestigious course there is. Even people that have never even made a golf bet know this. On a global scale there are of course hundreds of gorgeous courses but still, it’s tough to find one that could over take the legend of Augusta in golf betting fans’ minds.

In the UK the courses have much richer histories owing to their centuries of existence, but it’s difficult to think of a course even there that could upstage Augusta and still the title of the most unique course in golf betting. St Andrews, even as rich in tradition as it is lacks when it comes to the scenic visuals provided by the Masters golf betting.

In other tropical places such as Hawaii or the south Pacific there are gorgeous courses that can easily rival the beauty so cherished by the golf betting public at Augusta. But they are completely devoid of the character and rich tradition that you get when you make a golf bet on the Masters.

It all but impossible to top the Masters in terms of golf betting and the all around experience and that is why is it such a special event to make a golf bet here.

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