Can Tiger go it again in British Open Betting?

November 30th, 2010 Golf

British Open betting odds makers will not have a difficult time selecting the favorite in this year’s British Open golf betting.

As even any sports betting novice knows Tiger Woods is this year’s British Open betting favorite the same as he’s been for nearly every British Open golf betting event he’s played in.  The only question is whether or not he’ll actually be able to win the event that so many odds makers have made him the favorite of.

British Open betting odds are also of the opinion that Woods is the best British Open golf betting hope on the board as evidenced by the bets placed thus far.  As the world’s number golfer and arguably the best of all time seeing Woods name at the top of the British Open betting board has become commonplace.  What has been less routine has been Woods actually collecting the British Open golf betting title. 

The last time Woods won the British Open betting title was three years ago in 2006.  That year he won the British Open betting at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, winning the British Open golf betting in back to back years.  In 2005 he also won the event at St Andrews.  His only other British Open betting victory came in 2000, also at St Andrews.

In his career he’s won three titles in his career which means he’s successful about 25% of the time when it comes to British Open betting.  In terms of golf success that ranks among the best British Open betting percentages of all time.  However, from a bettor’s perspective it’s hardly a sure thing.

Yes, Woods is the most likely to win the British Open betting but that hardly means he will.  And even if he does win the odds will be such that it will hardly payoff for the bettor.  This year Woods has also been streaky since his return from knee surgery.  He has played well for the most part but missed out on a few victories due to poor putting or driving, two things that will destroy his British Open betting hopes.

You also have to consider two-time defending champ Predriag Harrington who is again among the British Open betting favorites. Still, if you had to choose just one person on the planet to hoist the cup at this year’s British Open betting event, it’s hard not to pick Woods as that player.

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