EDS Byron Nelson, one of golf betting’s great tradition at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Golf

Golf betting enjoys a long and illustrious past. In fact, golf betting games are one of the few sports that enjoy such a rich and color heritage that helps to make golf betting what it is today.

And no other golf betting occasion represents as much tradition and heritage as the EDS Byron Nelson Championship. Golf betting fans need no introduction to the tournament’s namesake and philanthropist Byron Nelson. Anyone with even the slightest familiarity with the golf betting games has surely heard of Nelson and his remarkable talent in the golf betting world.

But more than simply just a hero of the golf betting set Nelson will forever be remembered for his contributions to world outside of the golf betting games. He was a great golfer and by most accounts an even better human being and so it’s it generally with great respect that the players approach this golf betting tournament.

Throughout the years the winners list at this golf betting event reads like a who’s-who of golf betting greats. The inaugural event was held in 1944 with Byron Nelson himself claiming victory. Since than names like Nicklaus, Woods, Sneed, Watson and others have graced the winners circle. That’s awfully elite company and because of the heritage and the winners list most golfers hold this golf betting event in very high esteem.

The tournament’s namesake has much to do with this as well and there is hardly a player that has been in involved in PGA golf betting games over the past decade that is remembered as fondly and as respectfully as Byron Nelson is. His work on and off the golf course has drawn accolades and admiration from all corners around the world, not the least of which, the golf betting community. And so as the tournament honoring the great man and great golfer approaches players and golf betting fans alike can’t help but be filled with eager anticipation.

This year’s golf betting event will be conspicuously missing Woods, who always makes a point of appearing at this golf event, due to a knee injury but this should add even more drama as the field will be wide open.

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