Buick Open breaks Golf Odds mold at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Golf

The simple fact that the Buick Open is John Daley’s favorite golf odds event should tell you something about this golf betting odds tournament.

The Buick Open is a unique golf odds events and something quite unique relative to the rest of the generally stuffy PGA golf betting odds schedule.  The Buick Open is certainly not your father’s gold odds event and for many golf betting odds fans that’s quite a good thing.

The atmosphere at the Buick is unlike any other golf betting odds event.  The PGA, for better or worse is a tradition-riddled and in many cases uptight sporting league, much to the annoyance of many golf odds fans. It truly is the cliché that it’s made out to be in the movies and such. But the Buick is the anti-PGA golf odds event and much to the dismay of the PGA’s suits and promoters the Buick is the chance for the average golf betting odds to enjoy the tournament the way he or she chooses.

Held just outside the blue collar town of Flint, Michigan, home to the US auto industry, the fans that attend this golf odds event are not your typical country club crowd. In fact, the Buick is Caddyshack personified.  It is the one event where typical golf odds etiquette is ignored by the crowd and the fans actually get animated. At the 17th hole in particular the golf betting odds spectators are as rowdy as you will ever see at a PGA golf odds event.  Aside from the fact that the long layout plays to Daley’s strengths, he’s in love with this golf odds tournament.

He has referred to crowd as a “good, beer drinking crowd” and to be sure, he is beloved by this gold odds crowd as well. After the fans get a few drinks down the hatch this gallery explodes and what is billed as the ‘second biggest outdoor cocktail party’ starts rocking. It is like nothing else on the golf odds tour and is certainly something every golf odds fans should check out. You will not be disappointed if you enjoy golf odds and lively fan interaction.

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