British Open Golf Odds for Tiger Woods

The British Open golf odds feature Tiger as the definitive favorite because he is unquestionably the top golfer in the world right now.

The British Open golf odds for 2009 predictably list Tiger Woods as the clear favorite. In fact, because Phil Mickelson is not featured in the 2009 British Open odds, no other golfer boasts British Open golf odds anywhere comparable to Tiger’s British Open golf odds. Nevertheless, some golf bettors feel that Tiger has not been quite as dominant on the course since his recent return from knee surgery, so one must carefully analyze Tiger’s value in the 2009 British Open golf odds.

He is capable of making shots that other golfers can only dream of, and there is not a single tournament he cannot win. Moreover, bettors analyzing the British Open odds should remember that Tiger often performs best in the Major Championships. Also, he has already won the British Open on three separate occasions, in 2000, 2005, and 2006.

In his comeback from knee surgery Tiger may be struggling at times, but he also recently won the Memorial Tournament, proving that he still has what it takes to win a big tournament and possibly pay out in the British Open golf odds. Additionally, gamblers should note that Phil Mickelson’s absence from the British Open golf odds indicates that the other top player in the world will not be there to challenge Tiger. Therefore, in many ways, the British Open golf odds correctly reflect the fact that the British Open is Tiger’s to lose. But lose he may very well do.

In the recent US Open, for example, Tiger played only mediocre golf (by his standards) and finished tied for sixth place. Moreover, his first round in that tournament was one of the worst rounds of golf the world has watched Tiger play in a very long time. Obviously, he will need to play much better at the British Open in order for his British Open golf odds to pay out. The British Open odds, despite listing Tiger as a huge favorite, still probably reflect Tiger’s recent struggles, as the British Open odds could have made him an even greater favorite.

Nevertheless, with a golfer as popular as Tiger one must also consider whether his fame leads to him being overvalued in the British Open golf odds. As the recent US Open demonstrated, not even Tiger will run away with every event. In the end, however, gamblers handicapping the British Open golf odds will simply need to predict whether Tiger will play like he did in the US Open or in the Memorial. This fact alone will likely determine whether his British Open golf odds offer genuine value.