British Open Golf Odds for Sergio Garcia

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

The British Open golf odds for 2009 list Sergio Garcia as the second most highly favored golfer in the tournament, behind only Tiger Woods, who is the clear favorite in the British Open odds.

Bettors analyzing the British Open odds should acknowledge that Garcia is a very capable golfer and gamblers who have wagered on British Open golf odds in the past will remember that Garcia has enjoyed success at past British Opens.

Nevertheless, the British Open golf odds are correct to list Garcia as quite an underdog compared to Tiger, and Garcia likely would not be featured as the second favorite if Phil Mickelson were listed in the British Open odds.  The British Open golf odds clearly demonstrate the potential many gamblers believe Garcia has to win the tournament in 2009. For nearly a decade Garcia has proven to be one of the world’s top golfers and he recently won the 2009 HSBC Champions and the 2008 Players Championship.

Moreover, some bettors of the British Open golf odds feel as though European golfers enjoy a slight advantage because they are more accustomed to playing on that side of the Atlantic. Being that Garcia comes from Spain and competes in the European Tour, this fact may attract some bettors to Garcia’s British Open golf odds. Veterans of the British Open odds know that Garcia has never won the tournament before, but in 2007 Garcia lost in a playoff round to Padraig Harrington.

Garcia’s British Open golf odds may also provide value because he likely recognizes that this year is the perfect time to win the British Open, because Mickelson is absent and Tiger is not playing like his usual self.  Nevertheless, bettors handicapping the British Open golf odds must also remember that Garcia has yet to win a Major Championship, despite having placed in the top four in all four of the Majors.

Moreover, even without Mickelson there are many players featured below Garcia in the British Open golf odds who will challenge him on the course. For example, Rory McIlroy, Ernie Els, and Harrington are featured just below Garcia in the British Open golf odds and they will all likely offer very difficult competition. In the recent US Open Garcia played relatively well and tied for tenth place, but he will obviously need to perform much better if he wishes to win the British Open.

Therefore, the British Open golf odds are not incorrect in featuring Garcia as the second most favored participant, but if those British Open golf odds are going to pay out then Garcia will undoubtedly need to have some of the best rounds of golf he has ever played.