British Open Betting hosted at Turnberry

British Open betting fans have seen the tournament roam from one amazing course to another in the UK as the British Open golf betting event rotates every year.

Similar to the US Majors the British Open betting has no permanent home and every year sports betting fans are treated to host course.  In 2009 the British Open betting will be contested on the beautiful Turnberry Course in South Aryshire, Scotland.

British Open betting followers are often confused about why the British Open golf betting is held in Scotland or England or even Wales. The confusion arises from the fact that some sports betting fans aren’t aware that ‘Britain’ actually consists of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, any of which would be a suitable location for the British Open betting.

This year British Open golf betting will be held on Scottish soil which seems only fitting.  As the birth place of golf it seems appropriate that Scotland will host the 150th British Open betting competition. Turnberry is one of the finest courses in the country if not the world and it’s a tremendous place to host the British Open betting event.  The course was originally built in 1906 but has been redesigned several times over the history of the British Open betting.

The course is comprised of three courses the Ailsa Course, Kintyre Course and the Arran Course.  This year the British Open betting layout will play at 7,204 and 6,861 yards, a bit longer than most British Open betting events but it also keeps with the changing face of the sport.

There have been many great moments in British Open betting history that have taken place at Turnberry and no doubt there will be even more after this year’s event. One of the most memorable was the so-called “duel in the sun” in which Tom Watson defeated Jack Nickalus in 1877 to claim his first British Open betting title.  Many golf enthusiasts will also remember Greg Norman winning his first British Open betting title here in 1986 as well, or Nick Price taking the title in 1994.

This will be the fourth time that Turnberry has hosted the British Open betting event and there will certainly be fourth name added to the winner list here. Will it be the great Tiger Woods?  Or the forever bridesmaid at the Majors, Phil Mickelson? Or will some unknown player or a European snatch the title this year in the British Open betting? No one knows for sure and that’s what makes this year’s tournament at Turnberry so intriguing.