Betting PGA Championship Odds

PGA Championship odds will be on the board at the sportsbook for the last major of the year from August 13th through August 16th.

PGA Championship betting odds will present some great choices for those that want to bet on golf at the sportsbook.

PGA Championship odds favor Tiger Woods as he looks to win this event at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. Those that wager on PGA Championship betting odds can watch the early action on TNT while the last two rounds will be televised on CBS. TNT will also provide early day coverage of the last two days before CBS goes on the air.

PGA Championship odds have been held at Hazeltine before as the 2002 PGA Championship was held there. Rich Beem was the winner in PGA Championship betting odds in 2002. Tiger has dominated this sports betting event but in 2002 Beem was the winner and the following season it was unknown Shaun Micheel winning.

There are two main choices for PGA Championship odds. You can bet on a golfer to win the event or you can choose the matchups in PGA Championship betting odds. If you choose to bet on a golfer to win in PGA Championship odds he has to beat the entire field. If you choose a matchup you just have to have your golfer defeat the other golfer to win in PGA Championship odds. Betting a matchup is simply a money line wager where you are risking more money on the favorite and getting plus money on the underdog. For example, if Tiger was matched up against Phil Mickelson in PGA Championship odds you might have Tiger at -300 and Phil at +250. You would risk $300 to win $100 on Tiger or the 3-1 equivalent in PGA Championship odds. You would get +$250 for every $100 wagered on Phil or the 2.5 to 1 equivalent.

If you bet on a golfer to win in PGA Championship odds you can choose any number of golfers. You might have Tiger at 2-1 while someone like John Daly would be 100-1 or more.

Both of these PGA Championship odds options are popular because the event is a major. Golf betting is always more popular on the four majors. PGA Championship odds trail only the Masters and the U.S. Open in popularity among sports betting gamblers as they are more popular than British Open odds at the sportsbook.