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November 30, 2010 Golf

The AT&T National is one of the newest golf bet events on the PGA Tour.

But a lack of history should be counted against this golf betting game as its already establishing itself as one of the more important golf bet tournaments in the country. And no little part of that golf bet stature derives from its association with Tiger Woods, but as such this golf betting game is getting bigger every year.

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Golf AT&T National Golf Bet Course Layout

The idea of this golf bet tournament originated with Tiger Woods camp. There are many that say that the PGA Tour was not all that pleased at the prospect of having a golf betting game hosted by a current player with the proceeds going towards a current players golf bet charity. But when it comes to the relationship between the PGA and Tiger Woods there is no confusion as to who calls the shots. By way of a metaphor Tiger Woods is like a shark in this golf bet analogy and the PGA Tour is like the lamprey cleaning fish that attaches itself to Tiger’s body. Tiger Woods is the PGA Tour’s golf betting game and it had little choice in the matter.

But aside from the initial controversy the AT&T National is shaping up to be one of the classics of the summer golf bet season. It has all the making for a great event and Tiger Woods involvement is simply one of many attractions. The golf bet event falls on the Fourth of July weekend which is a naturally fantastic booking date. And even better the golf bet event is held in our nation’s capitol and hosted by the Congressional Country Club. It’s simply a great and dramatic back drop for a summer golf bet event.

The course is also highly challenging and Major host, and so the quality of play if guaranteed to be top notch in the golf betting game. Also, there is not a player in the PGA golf bet community that would turn down a personal invite from Woods to play in his tournament and so the field is guaranteed to be as good as they get in PGA golf bet circles.

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