2010 US Open Betting Contenders

November 30th, 2010 Golf Betting

Tiger Woods is no longer a lock in any golf betting tournament and especially not in the upcoming 2010 US Open betting.

Ever since taking a five-month leave of absence for the golf PGA betting scene to attend to personal matters he has competed in just two tournaments and has had mixed success.

However, it’s obvious that there are a handful of players in the world right now that are playing better and should be favored in the US Open betting odds ahead of the world’s number ranked golfer.

In fact, with a win at the upcoming TPC event, world number two, Phil Mickelson can actually take over the top ranking in golf betting from Woods.  That would be a massive shifting of the landscape and could give Lefty the boost he needs to take over the top spot in the US open betting action.

Of course Mickelson’s possible acquisition of the top spot is due more to Woods’ absence from the Tour than Mickelson dominating -as points are accumulated based on tournaments played- but there is no denying that Mickelson is the hottest golfer in PGA betting right now.

When it comes time to tee off at the 2010 US Open it would be a great shock if he was not at the top of the US Open odds list.

He’s coming off his third win in the Masters odds action in early April and just missed out on a win last week, finishing second as winner Rory McElroy put together a record breaking score of the final two days of the golf betting tournament.

McElroy is another guy to watch in the US Open odds action.  He’s a young kid, just 20 years old, but he has one of the best skill sets in the PGA betting field and his first win on the PGA Tour, against a stacked lineup, should give him a boost of confidence.

The US Open is one of the most difficult Majors on Tour, but if you can make a few spectacular shots -and he can- you’re always in contention.

And of course don’t count Ernie Els, another big name that’s been in a bit of a drought, but is leading the Money List, FedEx Cup points list and always brings his ‘A’ game to the US Open betting.

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