Women’s World Cup France vs. South Korea

December 19th, 2019 Football Soccer

With the 2015 Women’s World Cup moving on the game get more interesting and exciting, and on Sunday the 21st of June we have the Les Bleues of France are taking on South Korea in the round of 16 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada at 4 PM ET.

The opening odds are favoring France on the Money Line at -300 with the Total at 2 ½ Over -120 and -1 ½ -105 on the Goal Line while South Korea (Korean Republic) is at +925 on the Money Line and +1 ½ -150 on the Goal Line with the Draw for the Game at +400.

In the 1st two game for France the Les Bleues could not seem to get it together offensively, but then had their best team performance and the shut-out Mexico in a devastating 5-0 win in that Group F final game. Since that rout of Mexico, the French team who won the Group F and is now at +650 to win this 2015 WWC in Canada.

The South Korean women on defense have struggled to date in this tournament, as they have found it difficult to keep the opponents from scoring, and now we wonder if they have an opportunity to advance playing this strong French team. If you’re a French fan and Bet on Soccer at an online site like SBG sportsbook, then you’re ‘Les Bleues’ was picked early as a team that might win this 2015 WWC Canada tournament, but to date their play has not lived up to the fans expectation in a poor performance in their win over England, then a 2-0 game loss to Columbia, and finally got it together to rout Mexico in the last game of the Group F to move on to the Round of 16. Now the French team is up against the very well organized defensive team in South Korea, however the French team’s quality and depth of roster on their front line may be a bit much for these Asian Women. In this match-up the French will look at better performance for L. Necib who in 128 career starts has some 32 goals but lately had not performed up to par. With the French team playing the strong orderly defense of South Korea, for the France team to succeed they will need Necib with her talent to open up the defense so the ‘Les Bleues’ can score and win.

For you South Korean fans, your team must feel lucky that they are still in this tourney, as the barely be the Koreans 2-1 to continue in this tournament, while losing to Brazil then tying with Costa Rica 2-2 in the group match-ups.

Yes, your team gave up a goal to each opponent in their 3 group games, but the team is very talented defensively, and in this game against the French, the Ladies of Taeguk as their called, likely will tighten up that defense to challenge the offensive attack of ‘Les Bleues.’

Offensively South Korea will be looking at teammates Ji So Yun who in 78 games has 39 goals and P. Eunsun who in 34 games has 18 goals and both are very talented when close to the goals. This Asian team of women will be looking to beat France as Columbia did by attacking them on their back line, along with their strong defensive efforts.

The experts predict that in this game the French team will pick the South Korean defense apart and win the game 3-1!

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