UEFA Champions League Reaches 2024 Knockout Phase

UEFA Champions League Reaches 2024 Knockout Phase

At the onset of knockout round action, the UEFA Champions League saw profound upsets with the soccer betting odds. To illustrate, Porto scored a 1-0 upset over Arsenal. Barcelona was caught off guard in a 1-1 draw with Napoli. Borussia Dortmund suffered a 1-1 draw with PSV Eindhoven. Also, Bayern Munich was shocked by a 1-0 loss to Lazio. Gamblers were stunned at those results. As a result, they will be more prudent going forward. The aforementioned teams will get a chance to redeem themselves. But there is no margin for error.

2024 UEFA Champions League Odds

Manchester City+150
Real Madrid+450
Bayern Munich+800
Paris Saint Germain+1000
All other teams+4000 or Higher

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2024 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 (Knockout) Phase Schedule

  • March 5,  Bayern Munich vs. Lazio, Munich
  • March 5,  Real Sociedad vs. Paris Saint Germain, San Sebastian
  • March 6,  Manchester City vs. Copenhagen, Manchester
  • March 6,  Real Madrid vs. RB, Leipzig Madrid
  • March 12,  Arsenal vs. Porto, London
  • March 12,  Barcelona vs. Napoli, Barcelona
  • March 13,  Atletico Madrid vs. Inter Milan, Madrid
  • March 13,  Borussia Dortmund vs. PSC Eindhoven, Dortmund

Manchester City Remains 2024, Premier League Chalk

Last year, Manchester City made history by winning their historic sports betting treble. Man City is maintaining its status as the top team in the English Premier League. However, a championship is not a fait accompli. Liverpool is challenging Manchester City for the Premier League lead. Furthermore, Arsenal is right behind.

2024 Premier League Championship Odds

Manchester City-100
All Other Teams+10000 or  Higher

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Bayer Leverkusen Set to Stun Bayern Munich in German Bundesliga

At the onset of the season, Bayern Munich was the prohibitive favorite to continue its string of Bundesliga titles that date back to 2013. But Bayer Bayer Leverkusen has stepped in to take over first place over Bayern Munich. Leverkusen has an eight-point lead in the standings. The difference between the two clubs is defense. Bayer Leverkusen has an air-tight defense that Bayern Munich can’t match. It would be a stunning fall for Bayern Munich if they fail to win another championship. But perhaps a change is long overdue.

2024 German Bundesliga Championship Odds

Bayer Leverkusen-600
Bayern Munich+4000
All Other Teams+50000 or Higher

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Real Madrid Set to Rom in La Liga

First, when a gambler looks at the La Liga standings, he would see what appears to be a tight race. But a closer view shows that Real Madrid is the team to beat in 2024. Consider that Real Madrid has won 35 La Liga titles. Real Madrid is looking to atone for not taking the crown in 2023. In like manner, Barcelona is a legacy franchise in La Liga. Barcelona has 27 La Liga championships. So, too does Atletico Madrid have an impressive history with 11 championships.

On the other hand, Girona is a wild-card franchise that lacks the success of the previously mentioned teams. But they are making a charge this year with the best offensive club in La Liga.

Namely, Jude Bellingham is the player to watch for Real Madrid. So far, Bellingham has 20 goals in 29 apps.

2024 La Liga Championship Soccer Lines Odds

Real Madrid-2000
Atletico Madrid+25000
All Other Teams+50000 or Higher

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