Soccer Odds for Rivalry Matchups at SBG Global

Soccer odds for rivalry games are oftentimes some of the most exciting soccer betting odds to handicap, simply because one knows that the games will be so thrilling.

Rivalries abound in soccer betting, but the soccer odds are especially interesting for the most well-known rivalries, such as Liverpool vs. Manchester United, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Boca Juniors vs. River Plate, and Brazil vs. Argentina. As you handicap the soccer odds for these and other rivalries, there are certain unique factors that must be considered.

Soccer odds for the top rivalries always generate lots of interest because the games will be watched by so many millions of fans. Also, these soccer betting odds will receive far more action than the soccer betting odds for typical matchups.

The sportsbooks, therefore, are very careful as they set the soccer odds for such games, but that does not mean that they will not offer value. In fact, a large portion of the people betting on soccer odds for rivalry matchups will be supporters of the two clubs, and these bettors will simply wager on their favorite teams. In other words, this public action will be placed with little regard for the soccer betting odds and will involve minimal to no genuine handicapping.

Also, many of the other people assessing the soccer odds will simply wager on the favorite; regardless of the team and regardless of how the soccer odds are set. Such is the case because inexperienced bettors tend to support the favorites, and the soccer odds for huge rivalry games will attract lots of inexperienced bettors.

In such a situation, one can sometimes find value by wagering against the public and supporting the underdog in the soccer odds. This strategy may not always work, but especially if the underdog team is playing at home then it is an approach worth consideration.

As gamblers handicap the soccer odds for rivalry games they may envision amazingly exciting, high-scoring matchups. This result will certainly occur at times, but the reality is that oftentimes rivalry games are very low-scoring.

With so much pressure in rivalry games, teams often espouse fairly conservative tactics and each player wants to avoid making an error that will cost the game. Consequently, it is not uncommon for such games to finish with only one or two goals having been scored.

As a result, when you examine the soccer odds for a rivalry game you should never overlook the possibility of wagering on the under. In some games, this line will offer the best value in the soccer odds.

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