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World Cup

This is the greatest soccer betting event in the world. It is held every four years. National teams from countries all over the world play in qualifying events that provide great soccer betting odds. There are a total of 32 teams in the World Cup: 30 qualifying teams, the host team and the past champion team. The World Cup soccer championship takes place every four years and changes hosting countries and excites those that look at soccer betting lines.

FA Premier League

England’s FA Premier League, also called the Barclays English Premier Leagues and is under the FA (Football Association) jurisdiction. The FA Premier Soccer League consists of 20 soccer clubs and provides great soccer betting action. The clubs play against each other twice throughout the season, once at home and once at the opponent’s home. There are a total of 38 games in the season for soccer betting odds. In the end, the team with the most points is declared the champion. The four top finishing clubs qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The following is a list of the Premier League teams for soccer betting lines: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Derby, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Ham United and Wigan.

Italian Serie A

The Italian Serie A consists of 20 teams. It is similar to England’s Premier League in that the teams play against each other throughout the year and then determine the soccer champion based on which team has the greatest amount of points. The teams for soccer betting lines are: Inter Milan, Roma, Lazio, AC Milan, Fiorentina, Palermo, Empoli, Atalanta, Sampdoria, Udinese, Livorno, Parma, Catania Calcio, Reggina, Siena, Cagliari, Torino, Chievo Verona, Ascoli and Messina.

Champions League

This major soccer league comprises the best European soccer clubs. The champion of each country goes to the Championship League. However, high ranked countries have the possibility of sending up to four teams. Clubs play head to head both home and away tournaments in an elimination process. There are three qualifying rounds in the Champions League until a team reaches the Group stage. Some teams go directly to the Group Stage without having to qualify because they are so highly ranked.


This is another European soccer club competition that provides great soccer betting odds. It is considered a step below the Champions League and actually includes some of those teams expelled from the Champions League. However, these are still some of the best soccer clubs in the UEFA member soccer leagues in Europe. There are two qualifying rounds in the UEFA Cup competition until clubs reach round 1 of the competition. Then, they must make it through Round 1, Group Stage, Round 3, Round 4, and finally the last 8 teams battle it out for this soccer championship.

European Cup

The European Cup is often considered to be the second most important soccer betting event after the World Cup. European national teams must qualify for this soccer championship. 16 teams play against each other for the title of the European Cup soccer championship. The event takes place every 4 years in between the World Cup finals.

Copa America

The American Cup is a soccer championship for national soccer teams. There are 12 countries which play in the event on a regular basis. They are the CONMEBOL national teams. However, national soccer teams from other countries are sometimes invited to participate. The American Cup takes place every 2-4 years and is generally over a three week period of time. It is another great soccer betting event.

Confederate Cup

The Confederate Cup consists of 8 teams for soccer betting. The teams are the winners of each of the six soccer confederations, last year’s Confederate Cup winner and the hosting country’s team. The Confederate Cup takes place the year before the World Cup and provides great soccer betting lines.

Gold Cup (Copa de Oro)

The Gold Cup is played by national teams from North America, Central America and Caribbean Islands. Up to three soccer teams from other confederations may be invited to play as well. In the end, 12 teams divided into 3 groups of 4 teams each battle it out for the Gold Cup.

Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores is an international soccer championship competition played annually by the top clubs of South America. The tournament has the previous year’s champion, 5 teams from Argentina and Brazil, 3 from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The lowest-ranked team from each country, plus the second lowest-ranked team from the nation of the previous year’s champion, will play in the preliminary round, with the winners joining the other 26 teams in the main draw.


MLS (Major League Soccer) is the United States professional soccer league. There are 12 teams in MLS. These teams are divided into two separate conferences in the major soccer league: Eastern and Western. The following is a list of the teams according to their conference in the major soccer league: Chicago, Columbus, D.C. United, Kansas City, New York, New England, Toronto FC, Chivas USA, Colorado, FC Dallas, Los Angeles, Real Salt Lake and Houston.

Other soccer leagues that have soccer betting odds include Spain Primera, Sweden Allsvenskan, Norway Tippeligaen and other smaller leagues. There are also international friendlies that take place on a regular basis in soccer.

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