Soccer Betting on World Cup Qualifiers Almost Over

Soccer betting time is running out and teams are still fighting to qualify for the 2010 World Cup. November is the last month for qualifying.

Soccer betting is nearly through for 2009, and there are still teams fighting to clinch wild card slots or to finish the rounds at the top of their groups. For the most part, a lot of the soccer betting online games left for the month of November include teams from Africa, like when Togo hosts Gabon, or when Algeria goes to Cairo to challenge Egypt for their last soccer betting match, or Burkina Faso vs. Malawi.

Soccer betting still features some games in Europe, Asia, and Oceania, though. Bahrain from Asia will play against New Zealand from Oceania to see who clinches that soccer betting online wild card slot. Europe is chock full of runners up for the World Cup. The soccer betting playoffs for that group feature matches between France and Ireland, Portugal and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece and Ukraine, and Russia and Slovenia.

Let’s not leave the Western Hemisphere out of soccer betting. There still remain two teams that need to qualify; one from North, Central America and the Caribbean, and the other team from South America. Costa Rica, the 4th place team in soccer betting the CONCACAF, will host Uruguay, the 5th place team in CONMEBOL, on Saturday as part of a day full of last minute soccer betting online matches.

So after over two years of qualifying matches since the last World Cup, the final matches are winding down. The soccer betting groups are almost entirely done qualifying, and the final round of musical chairs is about to be over. We’ve seen some pretty emotional matches. Fans all over the world have shed tears with their team through hardships and have shared beers over soccer betting victories. Here’s a rundown of the upcoming soccer betting online matches for the rest of the month:

Saturday, November 14th:

Bahrain at New Zealand2:00 am EST
Nigeria at Kenya8:00 am EST
Tunisia at Mozambique8:00 am EST
Zambia at Rwanda8:30 am EST
Gabon at Togo10:30 am EST
Cameroon at Morocco10:30 am EST
Malawi at Burkina Faso11:00 am EST
Guinea at Cote d’Ivoire11:00 am EST
Slovenia at Russia11:00 am EST
Benin at Sudan12:00 noon EST
Algeria at Egypt12:30 pm EST
Ukraine at Greece1:00 pm EST
France at Republic of Ireland3:00 pm EST
Bosnia-Herzegovina at Portugal3:30 pm EST
Uruguay at Costa Rica9:00 pm EST

Sunday, November 15th:

Mali at Ghana12:00 noon EST

Wednesday, November 18th:

Greece at Ukraine1:00 pm EST
Portugal at Bosnia-Herzegovina2:45 pm EST
Republic of Ireland at France3:00 pm EST
Costa Rica at Uruguay6:00 pm EST
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