Soccer Betting on Totals at SBG Global

Soccer betting fans often focus on wagering on either money line soccer betting odds or pointspread betting odds.

However, placing a soccer bet on totals lines can frequently provide some of the best soccer betting value on the board, so such odds should never be overlooked. Successfully soccer betting on totals generally results from a careful acknowledgement of numerous factors that will impact the amount of goals scored in a given soccer betting matchup.

Soccer betting on totals should always be primarily based on an analysis of how each team’s offense will fare against the opposing defense. Naturally, if both offenses seem to outmatch their opposing defenses then one can expect a high-scoring game, but if both defenses seem to outmatch their opposing offenses then one can expect a low-scoring game.

This simple analysis is also very useful in helping you to place a soccer bet on the other soccer betting lines aside from totals. However, some games are influenced by certain scenarios that may impact the game plans implemented by the two teams in a soccer betting matchup. For instance, at the end of the season sometimes teams must not only win games, but win by a certain quantity of points. If one team knows that it must win by at least two goals, then one can expect a higher point total for the soccer matchup. Such is the case because the team will want to play very offensively, which may allow it to score goals, while also giving the opposition an opportunity to score more as well.

Injuries are another factor that one must consider before placing a soccer bet on totals lines. When top players are injured then teams are often forced to alter their strategies and may sometimes play more defensively. So in some cases an injury may mean soccer betting on the under provides more value, but if the injury is affecting an important defenseman then the team’s defense may suffer and soccer betting on the over will be the best choice. Additionally, the weather should never be overlooked as you place a soccer bet. Typically, when games are going to be played in inclement weather then the game slows down and fewer goals are scored. Sometimes a slick ball can result in fluke goals that a goalie would have normally stopped, but the general rule is that bad weather usually results in soccer betting matchups with lower scores.

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