Soccer Betting Money Line at SBG Global

Soccer betting for gamblers involves two basic options. There is the money line and the three-way line. Let’s consider both online soccer betting lines.

Soccer betting lines for the most part are done in two ways.  There is the soccer betting line laying the money and the three-way line. There is also a total for soccer betting lines.  For example, let’s say that Manchester United was playing at Arsenal.  Here is what the soccer betting three-way line might look like:

Manchester United+140
Total2.5 under -130

The soccer betting money line might look like this:

Manchester United -125
Arsenal -105

The sportsbooks like the three-way soccer betting line the best because the hold percentage is greater.  About three out of ten soccer games end in a draw and that means the sportsbooks win.  Most bettors don’t bet the draw option in soccer betting.  Most bettors also don’t bet the road team in soccer betting.  That means when you have a high powered team at home it is not unusual to see them as a -400 or more favorite.  This price is obviously lower in the online soccer betting three-way line and that sometimes makes them more appealing.  There is also sometimes the option of laying a half goal, goal, 1.5 goals, 2 goals or more.  Some gamblers don’t like laying the big price on the soccer betting line and prefer to lay goals instead.  There is no doubt that soccer betting lines are made very well since the sport is the most popular in the world and people look at online soccer betting lines everyday.

Online soccer betting lines are so popular that many gamblers look at the different lines all year long.  There are so many great soccer leagues around the world with the Premier League being the most popular.  Other popular leagues are the Italian, German and Spanish leagues.  There is also no doubt that World Cup action is extremely popular as are the qualifying matches that are played in the years leading up to the World Cup.  Bettors around the world get more excited about the World Cup than any other type of soccer action.  There is also more interest in soccer during the World Cup years from gamblers around the world.

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