Soccer Betting Has Plenty of Summer Action

Soccer betting often seems like it takes the summer off. It’s true that between May and August it’s tough to find interesting odds in Europe.

But there is plenty of top flight soccer betting action going on in other parts of the world and with technology spreading the soccer action to the far corners of the globe no online soccer betting fan should ever want for soccer betting odds at any time of the year.

Soccer betting purists or snobs may think that online soccer betting begins and ends with Europe. And while the old continent does have some of the finest players and teams on the planet the world does not revolve around them. In the Americas, there is also plenty of action going on at this very moment. And a glance at the World Cup soccer betting records even suggests that the talent level in the New World is even better than what can be found in Europe.

The Brazilian Série A is, as we speak, in full swing with a very interesting and entertaining battle for first place in the soccer betting standings underway. The Brazilian league is full of soccer betting history and legendary players. Three-time FIFA player of the year Ronaldo is currently playing with his old club Corinthians and putting on a scoring clinic as he tries to play himself back onto the national team in time for the World Cup 2010 online soccer betting action.

If for some reason you aren’t compelled to try your hand at the Brazilian soccer betting why not check out the action in Argentina? Argentina is home of the soccer legend Diego Maradona who is now also the coach of the national team. It’s also home to such legendary teams as Boca Juniors and River Plate. These teams are good as any you’ll see in European soccer betting at the club level.  

North America is also home to summer soccer betting with the MLS action heating up. But national teams are also in the online soccer betting lines as the Gold Cup semi-finals get underway. The Gold Cup is the CONCACAF biennial competition to crown the best soccer betting team in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

With such a full plate of soccer betting action it’s hard to understand why anyone would suggest that there is no action in the summer months.

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