A Soccer Bet on Underdogs at SBG Global

A soccer bet can be placed on either the favorite or the underdog in any given online soccer betting matchup, and it can also involve either the money line or the point spread.

Many soccer fans are apprehensive about placing a soccer bet on an underdog because such teams naturally have relatively low chances of winning. Nevertheless, in some instances placing a soccer bet on the underdog offers the best online soccer betting value.

A soccer bet will be won or lost based on just a few goals. Soccer, therefore, differs greatly from sports like basketball in which dozens of points are scored by each team in a given matchup. Because so few goals are scored in soccer it actually gives extra value to a soccer bet placed on an underdog. Such is the case because all an underdog needs is a few lucky breaks and it can win an online soccer betting matchup in which it was even outplayed. For instance, if a couple shots from the favored team hit the post and the underdog gets one lucky breakaway then it can easily earn a victory. Consequently, gamblers should not be apprehensive about placing a soccer bet on a capable underdog.

Nevertheless, one certainly should not place a soccer bet on the underdog in every online soccer betting matchup. One should simply look for matchups in which the underdog seems to present a realistic chance of staying in the game and possibly winning. Also, placing a bet on the underdog with the point spread is a lot different than placing a soccer bet on the underdog with the money line. When you place a soccer bet using the point spread then the underdog may payoff without even playing extremely well.

On the other hand, when you place a soccer bet using the money line then you will need the underdog to play a good game and possibly enjoy some lucky breaks in order for your bet to win. Regardless of which option you choose, you will also want to analyze the online soccer betting odds to ensure that a soccer bet on the underdog actually provides value. In some instances, the payoff may be high enough that it is worthwhile to bet on the underdog even if the team only has a small chance of winning.

In other instances the underdog may offer little value even if the matchup looks to be very close. Only by evaluating the chances of each underdog in combination with the payoff odds will you be able to identify the best opportunities to place a soccer bet on an underdog.

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