Small Roll in Euro Cup Betting at SBG Global

Euro Cup betting action will be in full swing in just a few short weeks.

It has been nearly four year since the opportunity for betting Euro odds and you better believe that the natives are restless. And with a very crowded field with no clear favorite this promises to be one of the most exciting Euro Cup betting finals in a long time. Euro Cup betting favorites are often determined according to home field advantage.

In 2004 anyone that engaged in betting Euro odds saw the home team Portuguese come within a whisker of winning the Euro Cup betting title. And in 2000 we also saw home team France dominate the Euro Cup betting in order to gain their second major trophy in two years, after their incredible World Cup performance. But alas, anyone that thinks that Austria or Switzerland will win the Euro Cup betting is either blinded by national allegiance or simply crazy.

But that’s what makes the prospects for this year’s Euro Cup betting so exciting. The often times overwhelming advantage of home field in the Euro Cup betting will be severely muted this year. Not that the Austrian and Swiss crowds aren’t accommodating and enthusiastic, it’s simply that in the betting Euro odds scene both squads are relative minnows. Both countries are tiny and have done very little in the history of betting Euro odds.

But then again, that could all change this year with Switzerland performing awfully well in the Euro Cup betting qualifying rounds. In fact, over the past four year’s this Swiss club has grown quite a reputation as a tough team to face, especially within the friendly confines of Switzerland. And many betting Euro odds experts expect this team to go deep in the competition. However, it’s very unlikely that impressive Swiss will hoist the Euro Cup betting trophy.

Austria has little chance if any of winning the Euro Cup betting. This is a team that has tasted little success of any kind and especially so in recent years. And so with the home field advantage in the Euro Cup betting decidedly muted this year should be a wide open contest in the Euro Cup betting with nearly every team playing on equal footing when it comes to the field location.

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