Real Madrid vs. Manchester City Betting Odds

November 6th, 2019 Football Soccer

Real Madrid’s soccer betting odds of making it through the UEFA Champions League semi-finals and winning their 11th Cup are better than ever since the other Madrilenian team did Real’s dirty work and eliminated their archrivals Barcelona. Now that the threat of Messi has been vanquished, nothing keeps the Blancos from asserting their dominance – except themselves. And Manchester City too, of course, and whoever wins the other semi-final (coughBayern Munichcough). But City is an English team, and Real Madrid is undefeated in eight games against English opposition in the Champions League, so you do the math – really, you do it, because I’m not very good at it.

For people who enjoy wagering on totals when betting on soccer, The Independent predicts “a high scoring-affair, with two teams who love to attack but have brittle backlines.” Brittle as Real Madrid backline may be, the Vikings have yet to concede a goal at the Bernabeu in Europe this season. On the other hand, City’s Sergio Kun Agüero has scored seven goals in his previous seven games, so it’s safe to say his on a roll. But on the other, other hand, Manchester City have scored 18 goals in total during their Champions League run, which is only two more than Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has scored individually – not bad for the Zoolander of soccer.

Speaking of Agüero and Ronaldo, and article on summarizes their history with their current last-four rivals. As a former Manchester United player, Ronaldo played City in 11 derby matches while Agüero represented Atlético in the Spanish equivalent against Real Madrid as many times. United defeated City in every match in which Ronaldo scored a goal (four times).

Conversely, Atlético lost to Real Madrid in every encounter in which Agüero scored a goal (three times). But despite seemingly singling out the two strikers as a synecdoche of their respective teams, “the team is Lucas Vazquez, Luka Modric, Isco, Pepe… it’s all of us, not just Cristiano or (Gareth) Bale,” Madrid defender Marcelo said. And now for something completely different, Cristiano Bale would be a great name for Christian Bale’s non-union Portuguese equivalent.

As reported by The Telegraph, Ronaldo “was named in the squad travelling to England for the tie with Manchester City, after he missed the trip to Rayo Vallecano at the weekend with a hamstring injury.” Though the periodical appeared to want to stir the pot pointing out that Bale lives in the shadow of Ronaldo despite being three times more expensive, the Englishman has dispelled any suggestions of acrimony between the two – saying that, though at “Real Madrid “you need a bit of selfishness” they both get on really well, never argue, and have a strong bond. The fact remains though that while Bale plays better in Ronaldo’s absences – which are few and far between –, the team plays better with Ronaldo.

Real Madrid vs. Manchester City Betting Odds

Real Madrid        PK (-128)  Total 2½ (-133)    MoneyLine +149
Manchester City PK (+113) Total 2½ (+118)  MoneyLine +200

Real Madrid/Manchester City Draw  +253

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