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Online soccer betting analysts often cite trends as they look for value in soccer betting odds.

Sometimes trends can offer invaluable online soccer betting insights that can help one to handicap a soccer betting matchup successfully. Nevertheless, some online soccer betting trends that bettors utilize are actually quite irrelevant and can even be misleading.

Online soccer betting trends can involve essentially any aspect of the sport. For example, one soccer betting trend may focus on a team’s success against a certain rival, while another soccer betting trend may focus on a team’s lack of success in certain weather conditions.

Some of these trends will be very helpful to consider as you handicap the online soccer betting odds because they will provide useful clues about how each team will perform.

For instance, it is impossible to handicap the individual players on a team’s roster to determine how well the team will play in rainy games. On the other hand, if you find that a team has lost nine of its last ten online soccer betting matchups played in the rain, despite being favored in five of those losses, then you can somewhat safely assume that the team does not offer good soccer betting value when playing in the rain.

Generally, the most useful online soccer betting trends are very basic and involve games that were played somewhat recently.

When trends involve confusingly complex scenarios or are based on games played in previous seasons, then the trends probably offer very little valuable online soccer betting insight.

For example, an online soccer betting analyst may reference a trend regarding a team’s lack of success against a team from another league. If these teams only compete in the UEFA Champions League and have only played ten times in the last fifty years, then essentially all of those past games are meaningless. One cannot handicap an online soccer betting matchup based on the success of the club decades ago when the roster was completely different.

Similarly, some online soccer betting trends involve so many scenarios that must be satisfied that the trends become useless, as they are likely based on nothing but chance. For instance, imagine a team that has won its last five games when coming off of a loss and playing a team that is coming off of a win.

Even though this trend may be interesting, it is unlikely that it is genuinely meaningful.

A basic rule to remember is that if a trend is not easily explainable then the trend is probably based on chance instead of reason, meaning it will not provide useful online soccer betting insights.

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